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New Beginnings

line New Beginnings

So the time has come. The Economy has brought me to a place that requires a fresh start. It happens occassionaly. These rare oppurtunities where life hits you on the head and decides to spin you around leaving you facing new paths.

I, like many other americans have been laid off. Unlike many americans, I have the awesome ability to create and find my own work instead of only full time work.

However, I believe i will take this oppurtunity and create my own silver lining by going back to school, focusing a bit more on computer programming.

I have found over the last 9 years that programming is a crucial part of successful web sites. As much as I love the programmers I work with I would also like to be able to do things on my own and not rely soley on contractors for the extra special touch. So, here it goes…

I am going to take the plunge but now I have to find the school and program I like and preferrably all online. YAY for new beginnings and freelance!

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